Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Camp Kaitawa 2017

                            🍩🍬Camp Kaitawa 2017!🍩🍪                            

Today the year 5's and 6's are going to Camp Kaitawa! I'm really excited because I have never gone to Camp Kaitawa before and we are going for a whole week. 
I'm in the car, and I'm starting to feel sick but I don't want to tell the adults because I think I can manage. 

We are at Camp Kaitawa! I go to my room and pegs a bed. Erin and I have a double top bunk, I go outside and get my luggage and bring it inside. I start to unpack, then Mrs Miller tells us to go to the dining room. Be right back! 

It's later in the day and we are at Lake Wherowhero. I'm in the water with a life jacket on. It's very relaxing if you just float there for a while. One of my friends got a kayak with two seats in it but it could fit three so Erin, Gwen and me went in it. I was in the front, Erin was in the middle and Gwen was in the back. I had to abandon the kayak because we kayaked far away from land and couldn't get back.

Next we had dinner, we had pasta with bacon and bread  and cheese sauce. I didn't like it at first but I began to like it.

Then we brushed our teeth and went to bed. I had a bit of trouble sleeping but I eventually went to sleep.

Here is a pic of me kayaking.


I  woke up and went to breakfast looking like a hot mess. Then I went into the dorm and fixed myself up. I went outside looking fabulous like always. Next we went for a bush walk. It was very tiring, when we got to the place where we had a rest I almost fainted.  Later on the sun was falling so the teachers thought that it would be fun to go to Lou's Lookout and see the glow worms. So we got our torches and got in the cars and went to our destination. 

In the car we listened to so many song like heartbeat running away and  Last Friday night. Finally we got to our destination. We got into a single file line and turned our  torches on. At one point we had to turn off our torches to see the glow worms. I HATE the dark so that was not so good, But the good thing is that the glow worms looked so COOL! They looked like little specks of  light in the trees and on the ground. Later we FINALLY got to Lou's Lookout. We split into groups of 5 because 5 was the amount of people that could go on the little platform. When I was up on the platform, they shone a flashlight down to the car park. The light was kind of like the light that they shines in Batman.

Then we hiked back down to the cars, went back to camp, brushed our teeth and went to bed.


I woke up, got dressed and brushed my teeth and did my hair. We got called into the dining room for a talk about what we were doing about the day. We had to do our duties. My groups duty was to clean the toilets EWWWWW!   Turns out that they were clean so we didn't have to do as much!  After that we did masterchef.  For breakfast we had to cook pancakes and for lunch we had to cook dinner. For the pancake ingredients we had to have pancake mix, water and  butter. Next we went out to the cookers to cook the pancakes. We made the food in our duty groups. I was in a group with Eva, Nathan, Jayden and Cruze. We had a plate for the judge and a big plate for our pancakes. We made the judges pancake last because if we had made it first it would have gone cold and horrible. Jayden made his pancake first. It was medium size and it looked delish! Nathan made his pancake second and it was HUMONGOUS!  Jayden wanted to make another one so Cruze ate Jaydens. I made mine and it was really small so I ate it and demanded for another one😃. Eva made hers after and it was pretty big.  Then Cruze made one but he ate it  straight away  so we had to make another one for him. Finally we got to the judges pancake, It was pretty small but we decided it will do. 

A few moments later it was time for the judges to judge the pancakes. Our group was first. The judges gave us a 3 and a 2 and a half. The next group was orange and they got the same as us. Next was light pink they got 3 and a 3 and a  half. Next was green and they got 4 and 4 and a half.

The next thing we had to cook was dinner. That was kind of strange and funny because it was lunch time. The ingredients that we had was 2 packs of noodles, butter, meat, onion, peas, carrots, potato and gravy. The first thing we made was the meatballs, We put the gravy and the onions into the meat and made them into little balls, Then we put them in a frying pan and started to cook them. Next, we took the noodles into the kitchen and cooked them, I was in charge of the fries. I took them outside and started to fry them but they weren't cooking so I had to take them to the kitchen and cook them. Finally we were done and started to eat our dinner. After we had finished our meal it was judging time. Orange group was  first and they got 2 and 2 and a half, Green was next and they got 4 and 4 and a half. Light pink was next and they got 3 and 2 and a half. Finally  it was pinks turn and we got 5 and 5 and a half!
In the end Green won and pink got second and light pink got third! 

In the afternoon we went to a stream called Lake Kiropukae. It was very cold outside but we went anyway. We had to wear lots of clothes. When we got to the stream we had to try and jump over the stream. The people who had already done it said that it was fun and they were soaking wet! I finally tried it and I fell in! I had to pull myself up to  dry land. After we had all that fun we had some food. Then the weather turned really bad and we were freezing. When we got back to camp we had to do an undy run! I felt soooo embarrassed. When I got into the dorm I changed into some warm clothes and went to have dinner.


Today we celebrated Kelly's birthday. We had to be silent and eat our cake but everybody started laughing and had their cake taken off of them. I didn't really like all the noise so I went into the bedroom to eat my cake. After that we did FEAR-FACTOR.  It is when you are blindfolded and you get given a mysterious food then at the end you rate the food out of ten. In my round I got weetabix from breakfast eww! I rated it a 3 out of ten. After that we went to bed.


Friday is the day we left camp. In the morning we packed our bags and said good bye. Then we hopped in the cars and drove. This time I didn't feel sick, halfway there we decide to play a game. We all picked a color, I chose blue, I really wish I hadn't. It was a car game and nearly no cars are blue! When we are almost there, we have radio signal so we turn the radio on. The steering wheels signal is broken so we have to roll down a window and do the peace sign.  James decides to close his window and accidentally trapped Bowen's fingers in the window. Finally we are back at camp and I get to see my mom and dad. When I see my dad I am a bit shocked because he has broken his foot! When we get home I go to sleep and don't wake up until 12:00 pm.



  1. Well done, I love how much effort you put into this blog. <3

  2. Great blog post Georgia i like how you added in Kelly's birthday and the fear factor .i like how you put the word mysterious.

  3. Hey Georgia this peace of writing is amazing I love the detail that is in it and you described it really really well I think you did an awesome job! My favourite part of it was Thursday because It has a lot of detail and you described Kelly's B-day and it was really really funny and fun

  4. OMG Georgia this is an amazing blog post and I like it because you wrote it so good and felt like you were actually talking to me in real life. Also I bet the glow worms looked really cool and pretty. Awesome blog post Georgia keep the great work up !!